Your roving reporter reports.
Today at Harmony Wood there is some hazy Devon sunshine and a light, warm breeze and a warm welcome is provided. 1 small campervan and one small tent are in residence in addition to the owners’ motorhome.
The grass is beautifully mown, as are the trails around the part wooded, part grassy site. There are beautiful views across the green fields of the eastern side of Dartmoor and Exeter is visible to the east.
 There are sloes and blackberries maturing in the hedges and rosehips and apples showing that the season is turning autumnal.
The A30 is audible from the site and occasionally a plane on its approach to Exeter Airport can be heard.The pace is slow as there is very little here to cause a rush. 
 Just enjoying the location and the opportunity to leave obligations and chores behind for a while.
Visitors to HW have NOTHING to fear from this Queen of Compost Toilets.
Smells? No!
Flies? No!
A most beauifully appointed convenience with proper sink (water supplied by foot pump to a tap).
Showering facility not sampled on this visit.
 Thank you Nige and Cyn for sharing your haven with us.